Section Drawings For Small House Designs

by admin on October 17, 2012

Small house designs will require a frame plan and structural section sheet.

Sections are cut views through a building and they show all the components that form the roof, walls, floors and foundations.

exterior architectural details

Two sample drawings are shown on this page. A building section must show, as a minimum (other features not listed here should also be identified):

  • Project location
  • Designer’s name
  • Building Code Identification Number
  • Scale of drawings
  • Building components (roof, walls, floors, foundation, etc.)
  • Height of building
  • Size of building
  • Materials used in the building
  • Roof slope or pitch
  • Room names
  • Top of top plate elevation
  • Top of floor sheathing elevation
  • Top of finish grade elevation
  • Bottom of footing elevation
  • For additions, relationship to existing building.

house section drawing

Some homes have complex roof lines which require several section views to properly show.

By combining the sections with the framing plan, you can easily understand how the roof and structure fits together.

When creating house plans during the building design phase, it is essential to make sure that everything is connected – from the footing plan to the framing plan to the sections sheet, and finally to the details sheet.

Detail symbols are found on all these sheets which create the necessary structural link.

Much of the information on the framing plan can be found on the sections sheet, and vice-versa.

A Custom Design For A Small House Design

This Design is created for a busy urban location.

The front elevation provides privacy from the people walking by and has an informal meeting area. The glazing at the front of the building is above eye level and would be made from opaque glass in order to prevent people from seeing into the building.

front elevation

The ground floor would provide naturally lit space for cooking dining and entertaining guests. Integrated storage units would be built within the rooms structural walls.

front elevation

A lit stairwell at the back of the building would provide access up to the first floor of the building. The bedroom and study part of the house on the first floor would have access to a sheltered seating terrace.

front elevation