Small Country House Plans

by admin on October 17, 2012

Well designed small country house plans are used to produce peaceful relaxing places in the countryside.

Here is some information about house design that will help you choose or develop one that will suit your taste and also the budget.

Develop a layout-Charming characteristics and simplicity are the ingredient for achieving a good return on high quality space inside and out.

Designs are usually simplified so that they can be easily altered, you may start off small house and adopt a flexible design layout that allows for easy expansion.

Example: Provide easy access throughout- Generously add door and window opening on the outer wall s of the building envelope, which could then provide a good link into an extension.

Essentials for country houses

small country house plansCountry & Farmhouse Home Plans

Any features that will make a country house feel light and airy.

These may include open plan kitchen dining spaces, hardwood timber floor, and rustic decoration throughout.

Illusions and playing with light in order to create the impression of more space is often used in design.

By being small they can easily be made efficient and fairly cheap to run.

10-15 rooms single storey focus on developing charm and character and a pleasant country retreat.

Energy efficient heating

An Aga and a wrought iron wood burning stove are heating sources which can be designed in to both enrich and heat the internal spaces of the house.

To maximize their productivity they can be provide full spacial heating when linked to an underfloor heating system.

Design Efficiency

Most country house built before 90’s were not designed with energy efficiency in mind.

As a result most country houses consume vast quantities of coal and oil, coal and oil which is now more expensive than ever.

Faced with climate change and inflated energy prices designs are becoming more energy efficient conscious than ever before.

Passive solar designs and the installation of renewable energy sources often designed to the plans.

This is making them cheaper to run and better value for money.

Floor areas usually in the region of 750-1000m2 means the cost for plans is far less.