House Section Detail Drawing

by admin on October 17, 2012

Building sections are used to show how the building will be assembled.

They provide information of the selected materials providing building regulation specification and their sizes.

section detail
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The section is usually drawn through the most complicated part of the building and indicates how the floor walls and roof are intended to be constructed.

Sections have to pay particular attention as to how the building will be sealed from water penetration.

Tight details should be developed at the main junctions e.g. floor to wall junction and window sill and door jamb details.

DPM’s should be added to prevent damp spreading between the floors and to prevent the buildup of radon gas.

Appropriate footings must be developed to counteract subsidence and to provide adequate stability throughout the building.

It is also useful to show services which are required including shower rooms and en-suites bathrooms.

Architectural details should also be added to make the drawing realistic clear and easy to understand.

Building sections are required most of the time by the building department and can be produced by architects and qualified building designers.

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