How To Install Recessed Lighting

by admin on October 17, 2012

Here is a guide on how to install recessed lighting.

Recessed or otherwise known as close mounted ceiling lights are a great alternative to pendant lights. They can provide mood or ambient light for the rooms and interior spaces in a home.

They are fairly inexpensive to buy as individual units. You can use floodlight reflector bulbs for ambient lighting and spotlight reflector bulbs for precise accent lighting.

It is always easier to install recessed lights where there is space to link cabling either in a basement or an attic. For other types fishing of the electrical cables will be required.

Once you have chosen where you wish to add the light installation can take place.

The standard equipment required for installing recessed lighting is a screw driver, long nosed pliers, wire stripper, circle cutter, cable clamp, jig saw and a stud finder.

Once you have the equipment to hand first mark out where you would like to add the recessed lights.

Use the joist finder to avoid clashing with the structure.

Use a pencil to mark on the ceiling where you plan for the lighting to go.

Once you have a clear profile of the light fixture use the circular saw cutter to cut through the ceiling.

Connect the wires from the new unit to the junction box.

Then rotate the lighting fixture housing and then slide them into place in the ceiling until the mounting tabs engage.

Once they have clipped the ceiling and the fixture is secured. Because the housing and its integral junction box are lightweight, they shouldn’t require any further support once they’ve been initially installed.

Once the housing clips are snug, attach the inner baffle and any other trim to the fixture housing.

Then install the bulb and reconnect the power to test that the light works.

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