How To Draw A House

by admin on October 17, 2012

Once you have a completed plan it’s time to start thinking about how the house will look and function from an aesthetic and a structural view point.

The first part of drawing a house in elevation is to create an outline profile.

The lines of the profile must be drawn accurately using a scale ruler connecting the corners from the proposed walls to each other.

house profile drawing

Once have completed the basic profile make a start on the window and door openings locate them at a consistent height throughout the drawing to keep it well proportioned.

Create an offset line on the inside of the window profiles to show the framing. Use a similar technique on the roof to show fascias and the roof ridge.

Adding the details

Once you have completed the outline profile it will be time to start adding some details to the drawing.

Architectural details can usually be broken down into several sub categories;

  • Wall materials, sizes and architectural details
  • Glazing, windows, doors and features
  • Rainwater ducting gutters and roofing components

It is worth spending some time measuring the location of each of features. Carefully measure the location of each line to ensure the drawing is clear and easy to read.

how to draw a house