House Window Design

by admin on October 17, 2012

Selecting the right house window design can make a huge difference to the energy performance and the appearance of a house.

Alongside this they also provide natural lighting and ventilation to the interior spaces of the home.

Windows come in every shape and design imaginable and are made from a variety of materials including timber metal plastic and composites.

They are engineered to integrate moving parts allowing them to slide pivot tilt and swing open. Here are some of the basic design styles available.

house window design

Traditional Casement Windows

These types of windows usually comprise several elements. They are designed to form a very rigid structure each horizontal and vertical member extends the entire length of the window linking to form strong joints with one another.

They come in a range of materials and represent good value for money.

Wood Casement Windows

The design is similar to traditional casement windows. They are constructed from hard and or softwood which allows for them to come in a range of different sizes and shapes.

Frames can be customized to suit structural opening which makes them ideal for replacement windows.

Steel Casement Windows

Steel windows are fabricated from pieces of rolled section. These elements are bonded together by welding brazing or riveting.

Once the frame is formed it is usually then sealed and given a protective coating either by being galvanized lacquered or coated with a sealant such as paint or acrylic.

Aluminum House Window Design

Aluminum is one of the most recent additions to window manufacturing. It provides a very tough durable and resistant material which is suitable for many window designs.

Aluminum has a surface sealant which is created when the material is anodized during the manufacturing stages. Window frame once assembled are then insulated using a foam material which make s them one of the most thermally efficient windows available.

Plastic Windows (UPVC)

Although not as appealing visually plastic frames provide a very energy efficient type of window. Plastic has a naturally high resistance which reduces the rate of conduction and can actively reduce heat loss without having to add insulation to them.

They can be formed into a broad range of shapes and sizes to suit the style of your house and can have colors and textures added to them.

Sash House Window Design

Sash windows are similar to casements in there materials and sizes however they operate differently. They are constructed in two elements, a fixed unit and a movable one.

The movable part is called the sliding sash it has rails and runners which allows it to be slid open. The opening system is controlled by weighted pulleys or in more recent versions springs. These parts allow for the window to be counter balanced making them easier to open vertically.

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