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by admin on October 16, 2012

Design Information and How to Draw House Plans

draw house plansIf your considering extending or building a new home this guide can show you how to draw an accurate, spacious and cost effective architectural floor plan.

It shows the steps involved in creating custom plans for new homes and alterations to existing buildings.

There are descriptions and graphics which explain how to develop a scale plan that could be used to discuss with Planners, Architects and in Planning applications.

To draw house plans, you will need the following..

  • A Design Brief, comprising a list of rooms and their sizes.
  • An Os Map showing the land where the house is intended to be built
  • (These can be bought from local planning departments and online map stores.)
  • Sheets of A4 paper and tracing paper
  • Colored pens or pencils
  • A scale ruler and a set square
  • Scissors and a craft knife

Step 1 – Making Scale Room Templates

room profiles

Using the brief we are now going to make a set of scale room templates.

Start by choosing a ground floor room.

To determine the lengths of the walls using the total area you need to perform the following calculation.

E.g Total floor area of the kitchen is intended to be approximately 80 sq ft.

The square route of 80 is approximately 9.

So wall lengths = 9 ft

Transfer the dimensions onto paper using the scale ruler. Adjust the size and shape of the profile, but keep the area the same.

Once you’re happy with room shape, move onto the next room repeating the process.

Step 2 – How To Create A Block Plan

Cut the floor profile’s out, add a small piece of blue tack to each of them and then develop some design layouts.

room layout design a

A central kitchen with utility and living rooms either side works well.

room layout design b

Rotate the plan so that it captures good views of the scenary.

room layout design c

Once your happy with the layout fix them in place and ensure they’re aligned neatly.

Step 3 – How to draw house plans

wall outline drawing

To draw the house plans first attach a piece of tracing paper over block plan design.

Grab a sharp pencil and a ruler and then begin to draw along the edge of the room profiles.

Add wall depths, you could use nominal thicknesses of 18″ for outer walls (300mm) and 6” (100mm) for internal walls.

Check that the walls you draw are perpendicular to each other.

Add all the walls to the plan and then quickly shade them in.

Step 4 – Adding openings to the plan

Once the basic wall profile is complete it’s time to start adding window and door openings to the plan.

The best place to start is at the entrance.

Create an opening for the front door make it about 3.5 ft (1.0 m) wide centered between the opposite walls.

To add a window opening, Select a room, and then draw a center line between the internal walls.

Continue the line beyond the edge of the profile.

Offset a line either side of the centre line. Rub out the shading between the lines and this should leave you with a window opening.

Continue this for each room adding openings as and where they are required to provide access and a good flow between rooms inside the house.

Here’s one I made…

house plan design

Step 5 – Draw house plans and the details

Once you have a plan with all the opening’s added its time to create a detailed plan.

Take another sheet of tracing paper and lay it over the plan and stick it down on a smooth surface.

Then using a pen and the scale ruler begin to trace over the outer profile. Same as before.

Once you’ve create a crisp outline profile begin to add window and door details.

house plan drawing

Step 6 – Finishing touches

detailed floor plan

The final task to complete the plan is to add architectural details including the stairs, floor textures and some design notes.

Well Done ! You’ve completed the sketch plan of your new home.

This drawing can be used as a foundation for developing the other drawings, to acquire costs from contractors, discussion with planners and architects and also as part of a planning application.

Note: You can also plan out where you want your security systems if you are installing them after building.

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