Build a Dome Home With or Without Dome Home Kits

by admin on November 19, 2012

Here I will provide you step by step instructions on how to build a dome home.

What is dome home?

Actually it is nothing but a dome in addition to spherical or semi spherical shape. In very near finishing World War I, the new beginning of construction was invented. It was same as home shaped dome; the leading construction company Carl Zeiss’s head engineer maintained it. For the time being, the design was developed in a constant rate and recently it is seen few countries of the world.

Before we start build a dome home, we need to know about the classification of dome home. By knowing it, we can select which we prefer for construction.

There are several types of dome house such:

  • monolithic,
  • earth bag domes,
  • earth ship tire domes,
  • foam domes,
  • geodesic domes, etc.

But monolithic and geodesic are the most common and popular form of dome home. Monolithic dome home requires highly specialized kits, where geodesic takes minimal kits. Monolithic is stronger than the other.

Monolithic dome house is built by inflating a huge sized balloon while geodesic dome home can be constructed with bar which must be wide, long, straight. The bar are arranged so that they can put the structure onto the struts. Dome house can be enlarged or several dome homes can be joined together. Dome home should be placed deeper into the ground to make it beneficial to heat and cool.

Let’s see how you can build a dome home

Build a Dome Home

It should be made a plan where to build a dome home? Then manage fund. Built a dome home is quite costly. So fund should be negotiable. Firstly excavate your required area. Follow step by step rule.

You may use mat foundation with average 3 feet digging for footing is enough. Then steel should be provided. Actually I prefer RCC dome for stability. When you make it by shell, you mayn’t require crane. Because it is quite light to lift 3 people.

For 25 ft wide and 13 ft height of dome home, is about average 200 lbs shell is required.

The average floor area of a dome home is 500 sq ft.

It follow some geometrical shape. So the single of latitude and departure of each side of a room should be drawn smoothly.

After finishing foundation, the wall of home is made by provided brick. Up to height of 7 ft, the structure may upright straight, but after it may round by angle vertically up to 30 degree. There is no beam or column, so you may not found partition wall (sometimes found), cantilever veranda or roof, and plain slab.

Coating may increase the durability of house. When your corner joint demand screw, then use steel gusset plate to joint. Your flood might be made of mortar.

Your ratio should 1:3:5 in water, cement and sand. Yes, the when your arches of the dome is stated, use here lintel on windows and doors. It is familiar that the space of a dome room is larger than normal building.

After finishing your dome home, decorating a dome home can be a challenging because of the dramatic architecture and large space. Although it look smaller outside but because of optical illusion, it make larger space inside. For wall decor, I suggest to have a wall decals or painted mural rather than a square frame artwork.

Advantages of dome homes

Dome homes – which has now been proved to be a earth–friendly and highly efficient architectural presentation is mainly referred to a dome shaped house which can be made overnight and survive even the worst hurricane and tornado.

Dome homes are not only energy efficient but also easy to build and if you construct it in a proper way it can cost less than average house we live in. Dome house can be enlarged or several dome homes can be joined together. Dome house should be placed deeper into the ground to make it beneficial to heat and cool.

Yes, you can build a dome home by using dome homes kits

Dome house can be built easily using specific kits. This tradition has started since 20th century .You can order to construct one, but if you love to take challenge than you can apparently do it by yourself. Through so many options choosing the right kit is not an easy task. You can compare the kits by following their quality and nourishment. Temperature and change in weather and moist cause the kits to expand, so this must bring into mind.

Dome home kits offer you a variation of design compared to others. They are easily made, let lights to come in and flexibility is also a quality mention. Even four people can build a primary structure in a day.

The design completes with repeating patterns so once you have planned the structure your speed will increase by time. Because of the angels of the roof so when you need to do interior design there are lots of need to care about.

Types of dome kits:

Dome kits may be of different types. One can choose any of them depending of budget, taste, quality.

  • For monolithic dome kits, concrete, rebar, spray insulation and a huge balloon are needed.
  • Earth ship tire dome requires old tires packed full of dirt.
  • Foam domes can b made from polystyrene insulation.
  • Geodesic dome house is most common and popular among all of them. They can be made from star plate which are steel plates having channels for holding purpose. You need to drill holes 25 struts of equal length in each and join 11 star plates to construct a dome framework.

Construction process using dome home kits:

  1. Firstly you need to make concrete footing. Then nourish and level it.
  2. Construct concrete block stem wall as foundation.
  3. Over the stem wall a floor is to frame which may be of different size as 2×4′, 2×6′ etc
  4. Attach and screw a subfloor over the framing.
  5. The perimeter riser walls should be braced and assembled formerly .Then they are assembled outside the floor.
  6. Then the trapezoids are accumulated as the perimeter wall then again they are accumulated above the walls. The door and window framing are already within the frame walls.
  7. Connect the struts and frame the upper part. Use a rechargeable drill and fit the screw.
  8. The triangle panels which include finishing kits are gulden upper part one level at a time. Then seal the lower part.
  9. For interior framing, walls, beams, perimeter walls are needed which support the 2nd level. Joists are placed to support the floor and ceiling.
  10. Now days, each dome kits manufacturer’s has own website, those websites are helpful for anyone who wants to build one, even if he has no experience.

cost to build dome home

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