Ideas For Beach House Floor Plans

by admin on October 16, 2012

Beach house floor plans are primarily used as vacation homes that are constructed on a beach, or facing any body of water like a lake or the sea.

beach house with a sedum roof
Anybody who already owns a beach facing property or is planning to get one should think about building themselves a beach house and enjoy the elegant beauty of beach waters.

Anyone who likes to get away from the stresses of life can indulge themselves with their luxury and grace. Beach house floor plans are more often than not modern and feature spaces that are open with smooth lines to capture maximum beauty out of the view.

As a custom, beach house plans start with raising the house on stilts, more information about building a stilt home can be found here.

Beach House Features

multi-terrace beach house

There are many shapes and styles, namely modular and contemporary. Another regular feature included in most the floor plans designs is an entire wall consisting of windows facing out to the water front these can provide direct access to the beach.

Since a beach house is usually used for leisure activities, the plan can also boast casual traits. Due to the natural slope formed by the unevenness of beach sand, a staircase can be formed on the outside that leads up to the living space and possibly a wrap around raised deck.

Floor Layout Designs

With a little creativity you can aptly utilize the light and orientation of the space to create spectacular vistas. Although regular beach house plans include just the ground floor with all the rooms on one floor, others may feature a garage structure on the lowest level and guest house on the top.

The one thing common in both these designs is that all the bedrooms, living and dining area are included on the main level, in other words on the ground floor making access easier. The three level system includes a separate staircase and thus keeps it independent of the main level.

That way you can enjoy the seaside winds or witness beautiful sunsets and sunrises without necessarily getting yourself into the sands and water.

You can make the master bedroom even more quiet and relaxing by including a footbridge with an adjacent patio to get away from the activity of the living room.

You can use the space in beach houses to your advantage and build a fireplace in a feature wall of the living area facing the ocean. This will not only keep you warm in cool nights but also make a picturesque scene with the flames against the backdrop of effervescent waves of the ocean.

Thus, molding a little creativity in to your beach house floor plans can go a long way in giving it the perfect look and feel.

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