Can I really plan and build a house?.Yes!

house construction

Plan and build a house is an online architectural website. The information provided is here to assist you in developing house designs, home plans, sketch scheme designs and eco-friendly buildings.

There are do-it- yourself guides that explain how you can produce accurate scale drawings.

Developing house plans can be quite difficult to achieve sometimes, good knowledge of the regulations and drafting experience is usually required.

If you would like me to I can advise you on your designs, help you make amendments to your plans, provide design ideas and help you get your plans through planning free of charge.

An example of beach house construction ideas:

house construction
“Plan and Build A House – Timber Frame Beach House Design”

Other advice on this site you may mind useful…

  • Are there energy-saving improvements you’d like to make to your home, but don’t know how to design “green”?

    There are simple and inexpensive options you can add to your remodeling plans that will save you money and are also very eco-friendly that I’d like to introduce you to.

  • Do you need help comparing bids from different contractors?

    In construction there are so many variables (including building codes, allowances, and material grades as examples) that it is often quite difficult to distinguish one bid from another. I can give you an impartial review of all your bids to let you know which is the best bid for your needs.

  • What about adding renewable energy products to my home?

    If you are considering new heat pumps, adding a wind turbine or photovoltaic panels, I’m here to help you evaluate your options and show you which models will give you the best performance and the best return on investment.

  • What do architects charge for plans?

    I can assist you in preparing a budget for architectural plans for your next project that can save you money.

  • Do I need a permit?

    This is one of the most often asked questions when it comes to home remodeling. Send me a description of your project and I’ll let you know quickly if you need a permit or not.

If you have a question about plan and build a house or would like to share some advice please visit House Building Plans.

Custom Architectural House Plans

exterior architectural details
“Plan and Build A House – Exterior Architectural Details”

Stage One Initial Assessment – The initial assessment begins by discussing your ideas. This will allow me to check the planning rules associated with the house design and the parameters in which the house is intended to be built.

Once I’ve assessed the feasibility of your proposal I will then advise you, if you require it, on how to develop your design to optimize it so that you can make the biggest return from your investment.

Stage one will involve me producing some concept plans showing the structural design, room layout and how the building will look.

Once your happy with the plans at the assessment stage you can use this plan to discuss with another designer or if you would like me to I can develop the plans into a full set of planning drawings.

Stage 1 Initial Assessment – Lets get started and discuss your ideas.